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The Ultimate Releasing Checklist

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The Ultimate Releasing Checklist

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Did you notice that unconstructive repetitive thoughts and difficult emotions affect your ability to be happy? Holding them back is doing more damage than you think—to your relationships, your work life, your well-being, and your physical health.

Think about it: You can save so much time in your life by letting them go, then creating the life that you love.

I got you covered. I have pulled releasing checklist you can use so you can enjoy life: right here, right now!

The Ultimate Releasing Checklist Formula will show you how to release your unwanted emotions and negative thoughts, move through life without baggage, and discover your true inner power.

You'll get to…

👉 Understand the basic releasing questions formula to let go of painful emotions

👉 Be able to release 168+ rare and familiar feelings that hold you back

👉 Practice 125+ powerful questions to release your toxic limiting beliefs

👉 Gain unexpected insights to create good relationships, career, health, and well-being physically, mentally, and spiritually

What’s included…

👉5 video training to help you understand how to letting go

👉A workbook to go along with the video training + releasing checklists

to help you release any emotions that keep you stuck 

👉 168+ Emotions Checklist

👉 125+ Powerful Questions to release your emotions and limiting beliefs

👉Bonus:  Complimentary Private Letting Go Session (regular investment: $250)

👉Bonus: Lester Levenson's story about inner awakening (e-book)

And that means that you’ll be able to create the life that you desire effortlessly with ease.

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